Expert Review: Samsung 674 Litre Side by Side Refrigerator RS62K6007FG

Samsung 674 Litre Side by Side Refrigerator



Samsung side by side refrigerator RS62K6007FG review always holds a positive outlook from team Homeyantra’s end because of the way the refrigerators look along with some first-class features. So, today our team is back with yet another review session and today we have picked Samsung RS62K6007FG which is a side by side refrigerator as well. Samsung side by side refrigerator price in India is Rs.96300 and has a holding capacity of 674ltr. Not to mention, it is a frost free refrigerator which is accompanied by other features as well. Hence, get down into the job of reviewing about this fridge without furthermore blabbering.


Product Description

  • Capacity: 674ltr
  • Type: American Style
  • Door Type: Side-by-Side
  • Freezer Type: Top freezer




We will start Samsung side by side refrigerator review by focusing on the design of this product and the justice it will do to your kitchen. To start with, Samsung RS62K6007FG refrigerator is an American style refrigerator with a holding capacity of 674ltr. Hence, it is a huge side-by-side door fridge where you can evenly spread out all your eatables rather than cluttering them in one place. It has a smooth starry gold body which oozes elegance and is sure to add a lot of depth to your kitchen. We also love the handle of the fridge which is a perfect example of minimalism. The recessed handles and hidden hinges provide a touch of charm that complements any modern decor.That’s not where the art of the handle ends. The handle of the fridge holds an ice blue external LED display which shows the temperature of the fridge. You can also select the Vacation Mode and set yourself free for a vacation without bothering about your refrigerator. Thus, now you can control the working of your fridge with just one touch.

Now moving into the fridge, the first thing that you will notice is the humungous space that the refrigerator holds. There is the number of shelves, compartments and boxes which have been designed to serve different purposes.


The shelves are made of sturdy material to hold heavy loads efficiently. Apart from that, the shelves can be pulled out easily and re-arranged as per your requirement which will easily enable you to reach the particular item you want. Another interesting fact about this fridge is the Twist Ice Maker, whereby you just need to twist the ice tray to dispense them. In addition, the Big Guard feature of the refrigerator allows you to store bigger containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of beverage cans and bottles. Here, the shelves are deeper than the ones found in the conventional refrigerator. Apart from that, the interior of the fridge is flooded with LED lights so that you can get a better of all the stuff in the fridge.



Samsung RS62K6007FG refrigerator has the standard features, found in almost all the Samsung American style refrigerators. Let us head straight to the features.

Win-Win Situation


Experience a double winning situation with the Twin Cooling System in Samsung RS62K6007FG refrigerator. A very clever technology, it uses two separate air flows and accurate temperature control to maintain the right humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer. As a result, your food remains fresh and there are no rooms for mixing of odours.

Precisely Fresh


Precise Chef Cooling technology is quite finicky about keeping your food fresher for longer. This super accurate technology minimises any temperature vacillation to within just ± 0.5 °C. As a result, it constantly keeps a check towards any change and then precisely controls the operation of the compressor.

Smart Seven


To maintain cool freshness automatically, Samsung came up with the Smart Sensor System which uses 7 internal and external sensors to observe conditions and modifies settings based on a variety of determinants. For example, hot summer days call for opening the fridge more often. Hence, when the door is opened frequently the system tells the compressor to speed up which in turn keeps the interior cool and food fresh.

Maintain cool freshness automatically, in any condition.

The Word is ‘Multi’


Now coming to the Multi Flow technology and we are pretty sure you have come across this feature earlier as well. However, for the newbies out there, this tech is responsible to maintain a uniform temperature in the refrigerator. There are small vents over each shelf from where cold air flows in each compartment at the same time. As a result, the art of cooling improves and food stays fresher for longer.

Power of Cooling and Freezing

We are clubbing two features in this section. First of all, the Power Cool technology of this refrigerator is responsible to chill your food instantly (well, almost), thereby locking up the freshness and the nutritional value of the food. On the other hand, the Power Freeze technology will always keep you ready for ice-cubes and good quality frozen food with just a push of the button.

Digitally Upgraded

Lastly, we come to the Digital Inverter Technology which is available in all every Samsung refrigerator. However, FYI this technology automatically regulates the compressor pace in response to cooling demand across 7 levels and also uses less energy. Also, as a bonus, it comes with 10 years of warranty.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty on Refrigerator and 10 years warranty on compressor from Samsung.

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Samsung Customer support. You can also register a service request with HomeYantra online and an authorized technician from brand will visit and resolve the issue


Price & Availability

Samsung side by side refrigerator price has been set Rs.96300 (MRP) and is available @ For further information about offers and EMI, feel free to click here.


Our Verdict

The Good: Everything about this refrigerator is good, starting from the design to the features that it holds. We genuinely could not find anything not to term as ‘good’.

The Bad: There are ‘zero’ bad features or properties in this refrigerator.

The Bottom-line: We finally reached the bottom of the review session with a bottom-line to it. As you can see, the fridge is elegantly designed with a classy handle that adds a whole lot of depth to the look. In addition, the features and the performance of the fridge is a ‘killer’ to be precise. Plus, the price is pocket-friendly as well. What else can you ask for? Hence, this refrigerator is a must-have in your kitchen space if you are finding something catering this price range.


LG FH0B8NDL25 Washing Machine

LG FH0B8NDL25 Washing Machine

The days are gone when people use to spend washing their clothes manually by spending hours in the washroom. Thanks to the intelligent minds along with the mixture of technological development who have gifted us with an electronic device called washing machine that has simplified our task of washing clothes.
While washing machines earlier were manufactured as a semi-automatic electronic device, in the present day this device has become all automatic which has doubled up the game of washing.
Thus, we thought of reviewing a washing machine for our readers from the house. The machine has a capacity of 6kgs and has the front loading system. Let us dive deep into the details of this machine so that we can put our final verdict about the same.


Product Description

Capacity: 6kgs
Control: Full- Automatic
Weight: 70kg
Type: Front Load System
Washing Type: Tumble Wash
Child Lock: Yes
Display: Digital Display





We have already mentioned above that the machine weights 6kgs which mean it has enough space inside to wash a huge pile of clothes in one go. The body colour of the machine has been termed has Luxury Silver owing to the fact that the colour gives a very sophisticated look to the machine which has been designed with the front load technology. The door diameter of the machine is 300mm and opens at a 170 degrees angle. When we tested it, we were actually able to throw a large number of clothes through that opening in one go. Overall, the dimension of the machine is 600x440x850.



Next, the digital display and the wash program along with the jog dial lies just above the front door. With the use of the jog dial, you can easily set the wash type as per your need. Apart from all that, the machine has an anti-rat cover so as to prevent the machine from getting affected by the same. Thus, as per design is concerned, LG FH0B8NDL25 overall looks quite simple yet classy to complement the modern interior built up of the houses.





The LG FH0B8NDL25 has some key features which are worth noticing. The machine is infused with Inverter DD for a powerful wash with less noise. In other words, the Inverter Direct Drive Technology eliminates the use of pulley or belt and the motor is directly connected to the drum. This, in turn, enables the minor mechanical parts to dissipate less energy thereby reducing excessive use electricity. It also improves the washing performance, sturdiness, eliminates excess noise and vibration.



Next, enters the 6 Motion DD technology which is responsible to provide optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. Thus, it takes care that the fabrics are prevented from any kind of damage without compromising on the performance. The washing type is divided into six categories the fabric goes through Stepping, Filtration, Scrubbing, Tumble, Rolling, and Swing.



Lastly, there is a unique feature about the washing machine which is the Smart Diagnosis. It is a simplified way to troubleshoot any problem without actually calling up the technicians. All you have to do as a user is to call up the LG Customer Care Helpline and then place the phone on the application. The application will then go on to communicate with the computer that will look into the issue within seconds and provide the immediate solution. Now, that is quite impressive!


Warranty and Support

Warranty Period: 1 year
Support: Call the Customer Care Service 24 hrs, 7 days a week, except national holidays
@ 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999


Price and availability:

This LG FH0B8NDL25 Washing Machine is priced at Rs. 35,490(MRP).

You can get this product online at HomeYantra. To avail great offer and easy EMI,
options to buy this model, click here


Final Verdict

If you are looking for something that will not make a hole in your pocket and yet work effectively for you, then LG FH0B8NDL25 is your solution. The washing machine is designed using all the latest technologies and features which will simplify your task of washing fabrics with ease. Also, its unique Smart Diagnosis feature makes gives worthy enough to purchase without any second thought. However, if your pocket can permit something tad more expensive you can look into other options in the market.

LG Washing Machine FH0B8NDL21


LG FH0B8NDL21 Washing Machine


Washing machines are one of those electronic goods which have made household work quite simple to a large extent. Washing clothes manually in today’s fast life is actually a tie consuming task and most of us are unable to devout that amount of time. Thanks to technology who has presented us with washing machines to make our lives simpler.

While our team genuinely feels this product to be quite useful, we are constantly looking out for that perfect washing machine to put our opinion about it for our readers.

Today we thought of shedding light on LG FH0B8Nl21 washing machine and review it to make decision making quite simpler for our readers. The washing machine has a washer capacity of 6kgs (which is quite big). We will see that as we move further down.

Product Description



Design wise LG FH0B8ND21 is quite simple and similar to LG FH0B8NDL25 except the fact that this model is white in colour with blue undertones to it. The outer material of the machine is made up of a sturdy plastic like material. It has a front loading system with a door diameter of 300mm. The door has a matte silver finish to it which gives a very chic and sophisticated look to the whole device. The door opens at 170 degrees angle.

The digital display and the wash program are designed or set just about the front door quite similar like LG FH0B8NDL25 and in the same the way a jog dial has also been placed to choose the wash programme as per one’s need. This machine too has anti-rat cover to prevent it from getting affected by the same. On the whole, there is not much difference between LG FH0B8ND21 and LG FH0B8NDL25 except the colour. With that, we can end on the design part with the note that design of the machine elegant enough to add an edgy look to the interiors of your house.


Feature-wise, our team has noticed that LG FH0B8NDL25 and LG FH0B8ND21 are quite same as well.

Some of the main features that this machine has to provide us are:

6 Motions DD


The 6 Motion technology has 6 different types of motion- scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling and filtration to make the task of washing more effective. Combined with the force of water and depending on the type of cloth and dirt level, the fabrics go through better cleaning session under different washing motion. This causes less damage to the clothes thereby cleaning them better with fewer tangles.

Inverter Direct Drive Technology


Now, this technology is all responsible to save energy thereby producing less noise and vibration with more durability. Now, how that takes place. Inverter Direct Drive Technology in LG machine enables the motor to directly connect to the drum without any belt or pulley. Thus, lesser mechanical parts ensure the least dissipation of energy.

Inverter Control


The system is responsible to generate fewer speed fluctuations and consumes the right amount of electricity which is needed at every step. Thus, a lot of energy and water is saved along with excellent washing performance.

Rinse Hold

This system allows the clothes to stay suspended in water without mingling into the spin mode. Before heading towards the spin mode, with the help of rinse hold cycle, you can actually go for an additional rinse cycle so as to remove any foul smell from the clothes and to maintain the freshness.

Baby Care

The baby care feature is hardly found out in any of the washing machines belonging to the other brands in the market. This is a unique whereby the water reaches a temperature of 95-degree Celsius which helps in killing all the enzymes and bacteria. It also gently cleans the clothes to maintain the softness and detergent residue is not found in the clothes.

Smart Diagnosis System


Lastly, this is one of the unique features of LG washing machine.  Thanks to teaming LG who has made service easier and smarter for the users. You can now literally skip on waiting for an engineer to come down and troubleshoot any problem that happens to take place on your machine. Simply dial the LG Customer Care Helpline and then place the phone on the application. The application will then go on to communicate with the computer that will look into the issue within seconds and provide an immediate solution.

Bonus Feature- Tub Clean

This feature is found in most of the machines by other brands as well. As we tend to use the washing machine on a regular basis, a lot of toxic and fungus substances start growing in the tub area. The tub clean technology makes use of hot stem with high spin speed to purify every corner of the tub that keeps the squeaky clean without any harmful bacteria in it.

Warranty and Support

Warranty Period- 1-year comprehensive warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

Support- You can contact LG Customer Care Service 24 hrs, 7 days a week, except national holidays @1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999.

Price and availability:

This LG Washing Machine FH0B8NDL21 has priced at Rs. 33990/-(MRP). It is available online at For offers and easy EMI, Options check here.


After going through all the features of LG FH0B8ND21 washing machine, we must say the device is a one-stop solution to your entire fabric cleaning problem. At this price, the features that are offered by the LG washing machine including their Baby Care and Smart Diagnosis feature definitely takes the award when compared to other washing machines coming from different brands with the same price. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable washing machine infused with updated technological features, then this is your answer.

Panasonic 123 cm (49 inches) 4k (Ultra HD) 3D Smart LED TV Model – TH-49CX700D

Panasonic 123 cm (49 inches) 4k

(Ultra HD) 3D Smart LED TV

Model – TH-49CX700D



Panasonic had gained renown in the market of television owing to their amazing plasma screen models. They have been releasing great models over the years, which has been highly acclaimed in the market.

The Panasonic model comes as this revolution in television viewing where you feel like you can touch or feel the objects that are streaming on your screen. The screen becomes non-existent and the viewer is almost pummeled into the world of the television. The TV is for those who prefer quality and don’t hesitate in paying a price for it. However, by normal standards, it’s quite affordable considering the qualities it has in it. The TH-49CX7002 launched some time back, but honestly, it’s way ahead of the other brands in terms of what it offers. It is not your regular 4K TV, there is a lot more to it, which you’ll understand once you read this review and see the TV working for yourself.


It is interesting to note how models from the same manufacturers keep modifying every year. We have come a long way from those boxed televisions where you’d to squint to perceive the pictures. These days, the builds are extremely attractive to look at, and we all know the great feats they are capable of performing.

Product Features:

General Specification: The features of this model are numerous. Apart from the amazing LED technology that it comes with, there’s also a great 3D viewing feature, you can view all your BluRay content, using the 3D glasses that come with it. It doesn’t disappoint its plasma loyalists, as it ditches it for the future of smart TV, OLED. There is facial recognition software that senses when you walk in.


Sleek and stylish:

Panasonic has been very consistent in building really sleek and sexy TV models and the one we are concerned with checks that box. It is one of Panasonic’s best in terms of design. A thin chrome strip runs horizontally along the TV, which gives it a floating look like it’s not attached to anything below. The chrome band creates an aesthetic illusion. Heavy ballast is attached to the back of this screen and adds to its thickness at the back. The TV because of all the punches it packs is heavy but nothing two men can’t move around. And once you fix it, you wouldn’t move it around quite that often.

4k Ultra HD:

The display of this Model is so high-quality, that every nook and corner of the screen is detailed and extremely precise. With a mind-blowing resolution of 3840×2160, the colour, and exposure and pitch-perfect contrast can be felt like a vision into reality through the screen. The Quad-Core Pro Engine just boosts up the clarity.

IPS LED Super Bright Plus:

The Natural Crisp display throughout the wide view from every angle relative to the screen is because of the IPS LED Super Bright Plus.


Hexa Chrome Drive:

The TH-49CX700D has one of the brightest, sharpest and richest colour combinations which provide the user with the sense of utmost satisfaction.

Home Screen powered by Firefox OS:

With the help of Firefox Operating System, everything is within reach. Firefox provides an easy gateway to all the apps and the online goodies with efficiency and speed.

Quad-Core Pro:

This is one of the highest rated and the optimal Processor for high-end Smart televisions. The Octa-core process allows the user to switch to tasks and run all smart TV tasks together, smoothly.

Wide angle view:

Due to the unique design of the model, the viewing experience becomes better. The screen has been designed as such that it gives the viewers a wide angle view of what they are viewing. It makes the images almost jump out of the television onto your drawing room. The Bright Plus technology also helps you view colours that are vibrant, crisp and dynamic. Even though Panasonic moves away from their standard plasma TVs, this move to LED is a good one.

Premium features:

The weight is however because of the top class parts that are built into it. The model is good looking and will make your home more stylish. It has the premium hardware, which adds to its great performance. The LED is accompanied by a touch remote, 3D glasses and wand style remote as well.

Picture quality:

The high point of this model is its unbeatable display. It makes you feel like there is no screen between you and the virtual world. It’s not just a standard 4K model but delivers much more. Its USP is its high resolution. The colour range is great and images are sharp and bright. It truly lives up to its higher pixel promise.

The Pixel Density and unreal resolution are one of the strongest features. The display is quite bright, even when the brightness is set to normal. The colour accuracy is excellent so your browns don’t look washed down or your reds faded. The feature called Chroma Drive analyses the colours constantly giving you accurate colours without any fades. This is especially noticeable when a scene has shadows; you can see how immaculate the colours are even when the tone gets darker.

Sound quality:

There isn’t much to say about the sound, owing to the fact that it’s nothing out of the extraordinary. The normal Panasonic surrounds sound feature is available with this model as well. However, if you want a true theatre experience, we suggest you purchase the Panasonic speakers as well to ensure an overall experience. The speaker grills are located on both sides of the plasma.

When we the sound quality to check, we found out that even from far away, the sound is pretty clear. The sound is not distorted or humming, it’s a crystal clear sound. The best thing about this sound feature of Panasonic is that it fills the room, giving you a movie theatre like feel right inside your drawing room.


It has four HDMI ports and a Chrome sub-sampling. You can connect Wi-Fi or LAN, and it also comes with the Display Port input, which is rare. It also contains three USB ports, out of which one is a 3.0 USB and the other two are USB 2.0. It has got a composite and component video input as well as audio and headphone outputs.

Apart from the above-mentioned connectivity options, it has built-in LAN and Wi-Fi options. You could connect to various internet apps and also use your mouse or keyboard via Bluetooth.

Warranty and Service:

This Model of Panasonic TV has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found, you can get in touch with Panasonic Customer support or register a service request with online and an authorised technician from Panasonic will pay a visit and resolve the issue.

Price and availability:

This 49-inch Panasonic TV is priced at Rs. 1, 43,900 (MRP) and it is available online at HomeYantra. For some great offers and easy EMI, Options to buy this model, click here.


It is quite a great product as far as the viewing experience, great sound, 3D, ease of handling and the overall functionality of the model is concerned. The amazing picture quality with exceptional picture precision and beautiful fulfilling sound quality give you the state of the art television experience.

I would like to give this model 9 out of 10, because of the amazing features.


Understanding the difference between 4K, UHD, SUHD, Super UHD


Big picture is a big part of our everyday experience, for over a decade we have been progressively pushing the boundaries of televisions and computer monitors to give us brighter, crisper, more clean picture. The move from SD (480p) to HD was an impressive increase in quality, first to 720p then to 1080p. The next step is an interesting one because it has been littered with industry terms: 4K, UHD, SUHD, Super UHD etc. Understand the difference between 4k and the rest and simplify your buying decision. Read on to get started.

4K Basics and the truth about resolution

So, how resolutions are typically measured? There are two numbers, the first is the number of horizontal lines of pixels, the second is the number of vertical lines of pixels. The higher those two numbers are, the higher the resolution and the sharper the image. Let’s look at the previous two standards

  • 720p is a resolution of 1280 horizontal lines by 720 vertical lines
  • 1080p is a resolution of 1920 horizontal lines 1080 vertical lines

4K resolution, along with UHD, Super UHD, and SUHD, currently all mean a horizontal resolution of approximately four thousand lines. But, the resolution of most “4K” displays is 3820×2160. This is known in broadcast as UHD-1. There IS a 4K specification that reaches 7680×4320 known as UHD-2, but currently there aren’t any consumer level displays that support that specification (UHD-2)

Deciphering UHD, SUHD and more

There’s one other 4K resolution out there: 4096×2160. The professional term for it is “DCI 4K” resolution and it’s used by the film and television industry to produce and master high resolution content. Because this resolution is typically termed “4K” due to it being twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 2K video, many manufacturers are stepping away from identifying their displays as “4K” and instead using other names.

So that’s the big deal! A case of mistaken identity as brands are looking to help consumers decide which TV to buy. The downside: they’re starting to muddy the waters a bit more. So let’s break it down:


UHD is a term that many manufacturers were using to describe 4K TVs from 2014 through to now. UHD TVs are 4K, which means their resolution is 3840×2160.

  • Samsung calls their standard 4K displays “UHD TV”
  • LG calls their their standard 4K displays “4K Ultra HD TV”
  • Sony calls their standard 4K displays “4K Ultra HD TV”
  • Vizio calls their standard 4K displays “4K Ultra HD TV”


In an effort to differentiate themselves in the market, Samsung took the high end set of their 4K displays and designated them as SUHD. The hallmarks of these displays included Samsung’s implementation of Quantum Dot display tech, offering wider colour gamut and a richer visual experience. SUHD TVs, 4K HDR TVs, Super UHD TVs, and Ultra HD HDR TVs are all 4K, so they too have a resolution of 3840×2160.

Everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon too, so much so that LG has dubbed their higher end non-OLED 4K displays as “Super UHD”. Given that UHD means Ultra High Definition, Super Ultra High Definition feels like a title that would be given to a Street Fighter game from Capcom. Nonetheless it helps to designate displays that have enhanced colour technology. Going forward this technology includes High Dynamic Range as a feature (HDR).

  • Samsung calls their higher end 4K displays “SUHD”
  • LG calls their higher end 4K displays “Super UHD”
  • Sony calls their higher end 4K displays “4K HDR”